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Tips for Further Developing Employees

Tips for Further Developing Employees

Getting the most out of each employee will take some added effort on your part because it will involve challenging everyone in your workplace to improve. You can adopt a few different strategies, which will be helpful in challenging a more diverse selection of employees. As people from a variety of professional backgrounds will respond differently, using a range of tactics can be beneficial.

Encourage Participation

From weekly meetings to one-on-one encounters, you should be consistently encouraging your employees to participate in how the business performs. You can ask them for insight into production challenges or find out how they view their tasks’ efficiency. In these communications, your goal should be to tap hidden skills in each of your employees to improve overall performance.

Assign Special Projects

When you have a short-term goal for your business, look for ways to turn that into a special project. You should assign that project to a specific individual and rotate who gets assigned to these projects to ensure everyone experiences leadership roles. This will help you create learning experiences for your employees that will force them to use talents and skills that may not be exercised through their regularly assigned tasks.

Set Performance Goals

You can develop your employees’ productivity more effectively by setting goals for them to meet regularly. These goals can be daily or weekly, but they should be set a little higher each time to force your employees out of their comfort zones. Increasing your expectations will cause them to utilize and develop new skills and strategies, but be sure every goal is realistic and attainable. Setting a goal that’s too lofty can discourage your employees.

Offer Useful Feedback

Your feedback shouldn’t be used to scold your employees, but rather to encourage them to improve. When discussing their failures, or their poor performance, be sure you can offer specific suggestions for improving their job performance. When you can offer valuable advice, they’ll be more open to using your feedback for improvement.

When you communicate more openly with your employees and encourage a team mentality, they will help each other perform better. You may even find more ways to challenge and develop your employees so that they will feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments. That morale boost will encourage them to continue challenging themselves.


Maintaining Company Culture While Remote

Maintaining Company Culture While Remote

There’s no doubt about it; times are difficult in the business world. Many of these current issues have led companies to ask their employees to work remotely. This can be especially difficult for offices that rely heavily on daily interaction to complete their tasks. While emails and video chats can quickly overcome most of those issues, but what can’t be easily maintained is the company culture. Therefore, the following list includes a few tips on supporting your company culture while working remotely.

Audit Your Routines

When it comes to working remotely, some people will thrive working alone, while others may feel like they aren’t being listened to or even matter. This is especially prevalent within new staff members who may not feel as confident speaking out just yet. Therefore it is highly recommended to implement weekly or bi-weekly audits of your routines. Put out surveys or have a virtual open-door policy that allows your staff to provide constructive feedback or simply share their suggestions on what can be done better. Your company culture will remain positive as everyone is fully aware that they have a voice, and it matters.

Virtual Breaks

No longer will you be able to find your staff in the break room. This means more and more people will choose to take breaks on their own, which can eventually cause a disconnection between themselves and the rest of the staff. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to host a few virtual breaks. However, there is one rule that you must follow, and that is no work talk allowed. Take the time to have your staff talk about their hobbies or the latest blockbuster. You may serve as the moderator to ensure that conversations are kept appropriate.

Daily Pep-Talks

Working from home can be a lonely and dull time, potentially leading to people’s motivation lowering, resulting in decreased productivity. Make sure that this doesn’t happen during this time by having daily pep-talks with your staff. Take this time to remind them that you are all in this together and that their work is valued. This is a small action but one that can provide incredible results if done correctly.

The Importance of Learning in Leadership

The Importance of Learning in Leadership

One of the most common misconceptions in business is that those at the top have it all figured out, why else would they be placed in that position, right? The fact is that leaders are human too and will make mistakes during their time as leaders. The only way to reduce these mistakes is to continue to learn, even after you’ve made it to the top. Are you not convinced yet? Here are a few bits of information that highlight the importance of learning in leadership.

Leadership Coaching/Mentorships

The very best way to learn what has worked and what hasn’t is to speak to someone who’s lived a lifetime in your position. There are two ways you can have yourself and other leaders within your organization step up their knowledge. You can either attend a leadership coaching session or seek a mentor. Leadership coaching sessions are great because they allow you to learn right along with your team and won’t take too much time away from your actual business. Mentors are also a good choice as it is often a more one-on-one learning style that many thrive in.

Get Out of The Office

A common mistake leaders make when attempting to figure out issues such as when the next big trend is coming is staying in their office. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of your building and explore your community. See first hand what people are doing or what they’re going to do. Speak to people, listen, and learn from them rather than relying solely on statistics.

Ask for Feedback

Warning, your ego might take a hit during this part, but it’s necessary. Often, business leaders are stuck in a bubble of yes men. This can make it challenging to understand what you are doing right and wrong. The best thing you can do for yourself is to ask your staff to anonymously provide you feedback. You may learn that you need to work on staff meetings, transparency, and so on. In turn, this feedback will allow you to grow and learn as a leader throughout the rest of your years with your company.


About Jason William Kumpf

Jason William Kumpf has worked in international business for over a decade. With involvement in global real estate sectors, the expat sector, ecommerce, and finance, it is safe to say that Jason William Kumpf is a well-rounded businessman. By having a hand in multiple sectors of various international and national markets, Jason has built an incredible network of global professionals that include recognizable Fortune 500 companies as well as young, burgeoning startups.

Jason William Kumpf is Co-Chairman for an international California Trade and Business Networked called Cal Trade. To expand his reach, he also serves on the Young Members Board for FIABCI International Real Estate Foundation, a French entity with active chapters in 48 different countries. In addition to these positions, Kumpf is the Director of Alliance Partnerships at USForex Inc which works toward creating better exchange rates for several international ecommerce markets. Similarly, Jason William Kumpf is the Director of Partnerships at OFX, also in the international currency exchange rate industry, working towards the acquiring the best exchange rates available for his international clients.

In addition to Jason’s work internationally in the foreign exchange markets, he has also taken a great interest in tech startups. He has a passion for taking an outside look at complex issues and creating tangible solutions to better the overall structure of a new company. Because of his extensive training in a wide range of industries, and because of his energetic and positive spirit, Jason William Kumpf is able to not only craft great business strategy but motivate his teams as well.

Having spent nearly 20 years studying abroad and working internationally, Jason William Kumpf has seen many sides of business, negotiating, and leadership. For this reason, he feels it is incredibly important that he pass on the information he’s gained over the years to those looking to grow within the international exchange rate markets. Having a strong leadership style is valuable, but having the ability to adapt that leadership style to meet the needs of any market you’re working in is a priceless skill that will take anyone with the right drive far in life. Jason William Kumpf hopes to inspire some of this leadership in a new generation of young and talented industry members.

As Jason William Kumpf enters the next stage of his career, he looks towards opening new doors for leadership training and business strategy opportunities. If you’re a young tech startup or just looking for some leadership style advice, Jason William Kumpf’s new blog will act as a great resource. Without sharing what works, progress cannot be made, and Jason William Kumpf is dedicated to not only continuing a successful career for himself, but to see this reality happen for others.


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