If you want to be a great leader, or have your team view you as a great leader, you need a solid set of leadership strategies and tactics. Knowing and utilizing specific skills and resources helps to elevate you above the generic management classification and propel you into leadership. To help you lead more effectively, here are 4 key tactics taught at leadership seminars:

Ask Questions

When it comes to leadership questions are the answer. They are a direct route between you and everyone else from your employees to your superiors. Questions force the listeners to explain their values, desires, and beliefs, giving you a better insight into what they’re looking for and how you can help them achieve it. In addition, asking questions is a critical step in the listening process. Followers tend to trust leaders that truly listen to what is being said.

Address Concerns

All leaders should expect to deal with objections and concerns on a regular basis. As an authority figure, others will look to you for direction in times of crisis or professional unrest. Acknowledging and addressing their concerns directly will set you apart from others. True leaders recognize that valid concerns can originate from any employment level and value the feedback received in one-on-one conversation..

Focus on the Future, Not the Past

Leaders are consistently called upon to envision the future. Others want to know which way your company is heading, and you are expected to know the answer better than anyone else. While it’s important to recognize whatever inherent value past experiences have thrust upon you, it is equally important to focus on the things that can and should be attained moving forward. Employees that see their leader engaging in goal-setting and future-planning activities are likely to reciprocate, causing a more productive, motivated workforce.

Provide Examples of Similar Results

A key part of leadership is understanding psychology. One of the core principles of psychology is that people are more likely to do something if others who are similar to them have done it with good results. So show your audience examples of people just like them who have benefited by following your lead and they will gladly do it.

There are a lot of challenges that coincide with being a great leader. Understanding key tactics is the best way to demonstrate your proficiency to your team of followers. So study the ideas above. Then create a plan and put them into practice. Soon, you’ll be leading others easily and effortlessly.