A strong company requires a good leader. While the qualities of good leadership vary, you should always keep up with the ever-shifting world of management. It gives you the foresight to predict where to take your company next.

We watch companies fail and flourish. While not all failures are the fault of the manager, they can do much to strengthen their team by taking advice from the right people–and reading the right magazines.

The following publications on management are widely accepted as authoritative. If you want to start a new project with your team, or simply want to brush up on your leadership skills, try one of these.


After a century of popular distribution, Forbes enjoys a trustworthy audience each month. It covers topics from business to opinion and offers something for any phase of the leadership career.

Leadership & Change Magazine

Leadership & Change Magazine writes articles for everyone, whether you are a manager or consultant. This helps you have a thorough view of the business world and different viewpoints in it.


Entrepreneur has a special focus on small businesses. It also offers advice on matters such as management tips and workplace trends. You’ll always have an idea on how to move forward if you pay attention to Entrepreneur.

Harvard Business Review

A long-respected source of advice in the business world, turn to Harvard Business Review for invaluable advice on personal and team growth as well as successfully reaching a goal. You’ll hear from famous leaders and developers who have dealt with your struggles and won.

Every great career produces successful voices to pass advice onto the next generation. Magazine articles and advice might seem like simple ten-minute reads, but what you’re getting are tips for success. Read these periodicals if you want to become a more confident manager now.