In the past, poor customer service might not have had a significant impact on your business’ growth. However, the internet has created greater transparency, affecting how consumers interact and view brands in a multitude of ways. For this reason, it’s important for business owners to see the ways in which bad customer service will impede their company’s growth and success.


Watch Those Online Reviews

Consumers do read the online reviews for any brand they’re considering using, so it’s important for you to also watch your brand’s reviews. Once a couple customers leave bad reviews, it can open a floodgate that leads to an overwhelming number of bad reviews. As a result, you’ll see a drop in the number of new customers your business attracts.


Higher Prices Will Increase Customer Churn

You will also be concerned with keeping your existing customers, so it’s important to consider how a price change will affect them. In many cases, a business owner will raise prices to compensate from the customer loss that bad reviews cause. The price increase can actually do more harm than good when it chases your existing customers away and towards a competitor.


Employee Satisfaction Plays a Role

If your business consists of a toxic workplace, your employees will be unhappy and you’ll see a higher turnover rate. As you struggle to keep up with the loss of employees, your remaining staff will also become overworked and highly stressed. This will also affect customer satisfaction because unhappy employees won’t go out of their way to help your customers. Creating a more positive workplace environment will help you avoid this negative cycle between the workplace experience and the customer experience.


Online Experiences Affect Customer Satisfaction

In addition to bad online reviews, a lack of interest in responding to customers will lead to lower conversion rates and poorer growth. When someone comments on a social media post on your brand’s account or submits a question via your company website, ignoring them is the worst thing you can do. You should make an effort to address their question or comment as quickly as possible. Even if they’re not expecting an answer, some type of reply can show that you’re listening.


Fortunately, you can turn around a bad reputation with a little effort. Although unsatisfied customers will be harsh, they will also be willing to give your brand a second chance if they see you putting in an honest effort to change. You can start by connecting with your customers on social media to find out how you can boost customer satisfaction.