To grow as a leader, you will need to devote ample time to introspection. When you look deeper into who you are and how you act, you will obtain valuable information that will contribute to your future success.

While examining your leadership style, you may be wondering which kind of leader you are.

 In 1939, the German American psychologist Kurt Lewin identified three distinct types of leaders. He called these styles democratic, authoritarian, and laissez-faire. Which type of leader are you?


 As you would probably guess by the name, the democratic leader tends to encourage the group to make decisions as a whole. If you cherish democratic ideals and believe that the group should make decisions, you may be a democratic leader. 

True democratic leaders let the will of the group supersede the will of the leader. There’s always a chance that the group may vote against the will of the leader. Even in these circumstances, the true democratic leader will respect the choice made by the group.


The authoritarian, also known as the autocratic leader, is the polar opposite of the democratic leader. Authoritarian leaders make decisions regardless of what the group thinks. 

If you think of yourself as an authoritative figure whose will must be followed, then there’s a good chance that you are a textbook example of the authoritarian leader. 


The laissez-faire leader is a true team player who tends to delegate significant decisions to those in the group’s minor leadership positions. This type of leader trusts their subordinates to do the right thing and supports them and their decisions.

 If you’re the type of person that place has a lot of trust in others, and smoothly delegates work and decisions, you are most likely a laissez-faire leader.

Of course, these leadership styles are more of a guide than anything else. You may find that you are a blend of several styles of leadership, or even all of them, depending on the situation. Never stop analyzing yourself and your leadership style. Over time, your leadership skills will develop further, and you will become a great leader!