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Avoiding Leadership Burnout

Avoiding Leadership Burnout

Except for those who act to combat it, burnout is something everyone in every line of luck will suffer at one time or another. It’s easy to assume leaders don’t suffer burnout, but they are susceptible to the condition more often than their own team members may realize. If you are a leader, following these suggestions can help you avoid burnout in your career.

Find a Worthwhile Career

If you don’t have a passion for the organization’s products or commercial field, you will quickly burn out in your new leadership position. Once you have managerial experience, you should start considering what industries do interest you. Moving into a field that you find intriguing will help you maintain a passion for your leadership role.

Develop a Friendship

As a leader, you can’t really develop truly great friendships with everyone on your team since that could compromise your ability to lead. However, you should develop a good friendship with at least one person in your organization. This will give you a companion who will understand you when you need to air out your work-related frustrations. That’s a great way to reduce stress and avoid burning out.

Disconnect From Your Job

If you’re spending your off hours responding to work-related messages or worrying about the next day’s challenges, you’re never really leaving work. Instead, look for ways to relax and free your thoughts. This should include getting a minimum of one hour of moderate to high-intensity exercise each day. Additionally, meditate, work on a puzzle, play a game, or socialize with friends.

Consider Professional Help

If you feel overly stressed about work, it may help to talk to a therapist. Professional mental health caregivers know more ways to relax the mind and alleviate stress. Seeing a therapist on a regular basis can also give you a safe environment for sharing your feelings and thoughts about your career, employer, and team members.

As a general rule, taking time for yourself and looking for ways to make your job more exciting will help you avoid burnout. In addition to the suggestions offered here, try other ways to combat burnout as a leader. If you can maintain a positive and refreshing attitude towards your duties, your positive demeanor will influence your team’s morale and productivity.


How to Help an Employee Facing Burnout

How to Help an Employee Facing Burnout

Burnout is something everyone faces at one time or another. This includes leaders and managers, but, in addition to dealing with their own burnout, they must also find effective ways of helping their employees through similar challenges. These tips can be used to help anyone in danger of burnout.

Offer Employee Recognition

When your employees feel valued, they’re less likely to experience professional burnout. You can recognize your employees in a number of different ways, but not all of them have to involve spending money. While some financial rewards, such as buying lunch for your team or offering an extra day of paid time off, are enticing, the employee will come back to the same situation. However, if you include your employees in the decision-making process, or involve them in weekly meetings, they will feel more involved in the organization.

Help Reduce Stress

There are a few ways you can reduce workplace stress, and some methods may actually boost productivity. For example, if some positions can be done remotely, allow those employees the option of working from home a few days a week. You can also relax the dress codes on Fridays or let your employees listen to music. Try leading group exercise or yoga classes for a few minutes each morning to start the day with a stress-reducing activity.

Limit Criticisms

When an employee makes a mistake, it’s better to mention it once and let it go. Referring to the mistake frequently or lecturing the employee about it unnecessarily can lead to disgruntled feelings. Instead, use the mistake as a means of implementing changes that will help everyone avoid similar mistakes in the future. In this way, you can focus more on positive changes and less on placing blame. This will help you maintain a positive work culture that defeats any feelings of burnout that could otherwise affect your employees.

The key to helping an employee deal with burnout is in motivating them, but that requires ongoing communication. If you don’t know what aspects of an employee’s career inspires them, it will be more difficult to help them avoid burnout. For this reason, you should try to make greater strides in improving the pathways of communication. This will help you get to know your employees better, and that will give you the tools to help them.

Learning to Overcome Difficult Situations in Leadership

Learning to Overcome Difficult Situations in Leadership

It’s easy to be at the helm during prosperous and steady times. However, when hardship strikes, a leader’s true nature shows through. In uncertain periods, leaders have to adapt quickly and face challenges head-on. Fortunately, there are several tactics leaders can apply to endure any calamity.

Communicate Stability

Leaders need to maintain and convey some form of constancy. The company’s values, purpose, and mission should remain steady, even though day-to-day operations might change. Organizational members feel more secure if they see that leaders’ thoughts and actions are consistent with what the company is trying to achieve.

Lean on Training

No leader can thoroughly get ready for all adverse events. While training doesn’t completely prepare one for real-life scenarios, it’s still a viable tool to help leaders handle difficult situations. Leaders should avoid doubting their abilities and training. Instead, they ought to rely on their knowledge so that they can respond to events quickly.

Listen Compassionately

There is no more critical time to build trust than during hardship. Showing compassion and actively listening enable leaders to convey difficult news and minimize misunderstandings other staff might have. Allowing others to express their concerns helps staff feel their leaders listen to them.

Manage Fear

Feeling fear and having courage aren’t mutually exclusive. The most courageous leaders feel apprehension occasionally, but they don’t let it prevent them from making important or tough decisions. They also don’t let their fear infect others. The best leaders can feel fear and still have confidence.

Mission Comes First

During adverse moments, focusing on the mission is more important than ever. Good leaders demonstrate they can do whatever it takes to achieve the organizational mission at little to no expense to staff and subordinates. Leaders also need to show they put the mission before their interests.

Prioritize Effective Communication

Withholding information or communicating it in unclear ways often exacerbates a problem an organization is experiencing. Shutting down communication in favor of the immediate task is dangerous to business operations and the leader’s ability to provide direction. Effective communication should remain a priority because all members need to know what’s going on and what they can do to help remedy a situation.

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Jason William Kumpf has worked in international business for over a decade. With involvement in global real estate sectors, the expat sector, ecommerce, and finance, it is safe to say that Jason William Kumpf is a well-rounded businessman. By having a hand in multiple sectors of various international and national markets, Jason has built an incredible network of global professionals that include recognizable Fortune 500 companies as well as young, burgeoning startups.

Jason William Kumpf is Co-Chairman for an international California Trade and Business Networked called Cal Trade. To expand his reach, he also serves on the Young Members Board for FIABCI International Real Estate Foundation, a French entity with active chapters in 48 different countries. In addition to these positions, Kumpf is the Director of Alliance Partnerships at USForex Inc which works toward creating better exchange rates for several international ecommerce markets. Similarly, Jason William Kumpf is the Director of Partnerships at OFX, also in the international currency exchange rate industry, working towards the acquiring the best exchange rates available for his international clients.

In addition to Jason’s work internationally in the foreign exchange markets, he has also taken a great interest in tech startups. He has a passion for taking an outside look at complex issues and creating tangible solutions to better the overall structure of a new company. Because of his extensive training in a wide range of industries, and because of his energetic and positive spirit, Jason William Kumpf is able to not only craft great business strategy but motivate his teams as well.

Having spent nearly 20 years studying abroad and working internationally, Jason William Kumpf has seen many sides of business, negotiating, and leadership. For this reason, he feels it is incredibly important that he pass on the information he’s gained over the years to those looking to grow within the international exchange rate markets. Having a strong leadership style is valuable, but having the ability to adapt that leadership style to meet the needs of any market you’re working in is a priceless skill that will take anyone with the right drive far in life. Jason William Kumpf hopes to inspire some of this leadership in a new generation of young and talented industry members.

As Jason William Kumpf enters the next stage of his career, he looks towards opening new doors for leadership training and business strategy opportunities. If you’re a young tech startup or just looking for some leadership style advice, Jason William Kumpf’s new blog will act as a great resource. Without sharing what works, progress cannot be made, and Jason William Kumpf is dedicated to not only continuing a successful career for himself, but to see this reality happen for others.


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