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4 Steps to Landing Your First Leadership Role

4 Steps to Landing Your First Leadership Role

There are many perks to assuming a managerial position such as promotions, bigger discounts, more vacation time, etc. However, taking a leadership role also places a new set of responsibilities on a person. Some duties that managers or people in leadership positions have includes overseeing employees/team members, planning, organizing, and directing. If a person wants to be promoted or hired for a leadership role, then they should display the following leadership attributes:

Develop People Skills

To be in a leadership role, one must have people skills. What are people skills? Well, people skills are patterns of behavior and behavioral interactions with other people. People skills involve dependability, flexibility, adaptability, analytical skills, respect, motivation, etc. A big part of being a leader also pertains to one’s intercession skills. For example, empathy, objectivity, integrity, reliability, and dedication are all characteristics of a leader with intercession skills.

Be Assertive, Be Receptive

To be a successful leader, individuals should maintain a balance of assertion and receptivity when it comes to communication. People need to be able to take a leader seriously. This doesn’t mean that the leader has the right to be rude or patronizing. It merely means that leaders assert themselves and set clear intentions for those they happen to oversee. While on the other hand, leaders also need to keep in mind that they don’t know everything. So, it’s also advised to display humility and consider other people’s suggestions.

Display Certainty

A way to be promoted to a leadership role is to display certainty. The management wants to know that they’re hiring someone suitable for the job. Thus, it’s vital not to show timidness when tackling projects and voicing one’s opinion. Being decisive also helps show everyone else that one is very concentrated on executing a specific end goal and has a plan of action. Employers will be much more confident leaving such duties in the hands of someone who emulates those traits.

Educate Yourself

To land a leadership role, one should be ready to explain why they are qualified and prepared for the position. A person can show confidence in their abilities by highlighting their expertise during interviews, reading books on management, taking management classes, etc. A person seeking this position should also find out exactly what is needed from them as a leader in their field/business. For instance, different occupations may require a different approach when it comes to leadership.

Adapting to a New Leadership Role

Adapting to a New Leadership Role

Whenever a boss or leader gives you a new leadership role, you could feel overwhelmed, worried and concerned. This is normal and you can overcome it. While you may face difficulties at first, you can adapt to your new role. Keep these four tips in mind so that you can have an easy transition into your new leadership role.

Meet Your Team

First, you should meet your team so that you can see how they function. Ask them about themselves, their roles in the business and how they usually do things. This will help you to see how the group functions and how you can bring them together for effective teamwork.

Create Goals

After getting to know your team, make sure that you get a general idea of goals to set. Since you’re working together, you should get a general idea of potential goals to set. Get everyone involved in the discussion so that you can come to a similar conclusion. After all, you’re a team, so goals work as a great way to unify people.


You need to effectively communicate with your team. This goes beyond talking with them. You need to use a consistent channel, such as email or an online app, so that your team has physical reminders about due dates and other important details. Make sure that you communicate about everything to keep everything organized and to avoid any problems.

Create a Positive Environment

Nobody wants to work in a negative environment, so do whatever you can to keep your team motivated. If people are in a positive environment, then their happiness, motivation and work ethic improve. They can accomplish more tasks and you can continue to lead them knowing that they will support you.

While you may face initial hiccups and worries when you get into leadership, you can quickly overcome them by working with your team. Talk with them, create goals, communicate and have a positive work environment. As you apply these four points, they will help you to adapt to your new position and be an effective leader.

After all, to effectively lead, you need to work closely with your team.


How Can a Leader Help Develop Their Employees?

How Can a Leader Help Develop Their Employees?

Leaders in every organization and every type of work are always looking for ways to improve their results and bring out the best work in their team members. But for those new to leadership, it might seem like a bit of a mystery. How can leaders develop their employees? What is a good starting point? And where should they go from there?

Here are three essential leadership tips that leaders at every level in an organization should take to heart and practice daily.

Lead With Integrity

Just about everybody today has heard the phrase, “The buck stops here.” But what does that mean, and how does it apply to leadership?

It means that responsibility begins and ends right here, at this desk. Nobody is passing the buck-passing responsibility and blame – on to anybody else. So a strong leader is one who doesn’t make excuses and doesn’t point fingers at anyone else. Real leaders accept full responsibility for their results.

Responsibility and integrity go hand-in-hand. Good leaders start with themselves, develop themselves, work on their weaknesses, and lead by example. They don’t expect their employees to do things that they wouldn’t do themselves. In fact, they hold themselves to higher standards. Those who lead with integrity inspire their employees to do their best and to be their best.

Give Them More Responsibilities

Many leaders get caught up in micromanaging their employees. They love another old saying: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

But to be an effective leader, one must take intentional steps to delegate tasks to employees and trust them to do the job themselves. This not only frees up the leader for higher-priority tasks, but it also gives employees a sense of ownership over their work and pride in doing the job right.

Equip Employees to Do Their Best

A third way that managers can help their employees succeed and develop is to invest in them and equip them to do the job in front of them.

This means giving them the right training and skills. It means giving them the tools and resources necessary to complete their tasks efficiently. And it often involves investing in their future development by providing opportunities for ongoing education and advanced skills training.

Leadership, like any skill, is learned by doing. There’s no substitute for experience, and there is going to be a learning curve for everyone new to the position. But by following some basic, proven leadership strategies like those mentioned here, anyone can improve themselves as leaders and develop their employees to achieve their organization’s goals.

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Jason William Kumpf has worked in international business for over a decade. With involvement in global real estate sectors, the expat sector, ecommerce, and finance, it is safe to say that Jason William Kumpf is a well-rounded businessman. By having a hand in multiple sectors of various international and national markets, Jason has built an incredible network of global professionals that include recognizable Fortune 500 companies as well as young, burgeoning startups.

Jason William Kumpf is Co-Chairman for an international California Trade and Business Networked called Cal Trade. To expand his reach, he also serves on the Young Members Board for FIABCI International Real Estate Foundation, a French entity with active chapters in 48 different countries. In addition to these positions, Kumpf is the Director of Alliance Partnerships at USForex Inc which works toward creating better exchange rates for several international ecommerce markets. Similarly, Jason William Kumpf is the Director of Partnerships at OFX, also in the international currency exchange rate industry, working towards the acquiring the best exchange rates available for his international clients.

In addition to Jason’s work internationally in the foreign exchange markets, he has also taken a great interest in tech startups. He has a passion for taking an outside look at complex issues and creating tangible solutions to better the overall structure of a new company. Because of his extensive training in a wide range of industries, and because of his energetic and positive spirit, Jason William Kumpf is able to not only craft great business strategy but motivate his teams as well.

Having spent nearly 20 years studying abroad and working internationally, Jason William Kumpf has seen many sides of business, negotiating, and leadership. For this reason, he feels it is incredibly important that he pass on the information he’s gained over the years to those looking to grow within the international exchange rate markets. Having a strong leadership style is valuable, but having the ability to adapt that leadership style to meet the needs of any market you’re working in is a priceless skill that will take anyone with the right drive far in life. Jason William Kumpf hopes to inspire some of this leadership in a new generation of young and talented industry members.

As Jason William Kumpf enters the next stage of his career, he looks towards opening new doors for leadership training and business strategy opportunities. If you’re a young tech startup or just looking for some leadership style advice, Jason William Kumpf’s new blog will act as a great resource. Without sharing what works, progress cannot be made, and Jason William Kumpf is dedicated to not only continuing a successful career for himself, but to see this reality happen for others.


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