If you’re an entrepreneur and don’t fully utilize social media to help your business, you are letting a seriously beneficial opportunity go to waste. Social media can help you grow your business and your brand with minimal effort and reach audiences or customers who may not have heard of your business otherwise. To properly utilize this powerful tool, we put together this list of social media tips for entrepreneurs.

Use ALL social networks

Maybe you have one or two social networks that you like to use for entertainment or staying connected with friends in your personal life. But what you want to use might not be what your customers are using, so make sure you have a presence on all social media platforms to maximize your influence.

Be unique

There are millions if not billions of social media accounts vying for attention every day, so if you want to be one of the few that gets noticed, you need to do something unique. Kedma Ough, the “Small Business Superhero,” wears a superhero costume to get noticed. You don’t have to be quite as flashy (though it might not hurt), but you have to do something to make your brand memorable to people. 

Remember, it’s “social” media.

Too many social media accounts fail because they focus on creating and sharing promotional content and not using the platforms for their intended purpose: being social. It’s not just enough to post something weekly or daily and be done with your social media work. You have to respond to comments and messages, engage with other people’s stories, and make your business seem less like a business and more like a person. That will help increase your brand’s value.

Optimize each platform

You can’t just make a popular Facebook post and then copy and paste the same thing to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Each social media platform has different strengths and different algorithms, so you have to take the time to optimize each of your posts whenever you post to another platform. Otherwise, that big sale or contest you’re having will just get lost in the shuffle.