The success of any business is significantly a by-product of the kind of leadership running its operations. When the leaders are effective, the company will experience profits and the opposite is also true. The limitations of the leaders in any organization often translate to be the organization’s limitations too.


Revolutionary leaders take time to understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve the areas they face challenges and limitations. There are several results and impacts that poor leadership has in a given business. The effects include the following:


Job Stress


Poor leadership has a direct psychological impact on employees as they suffer from job stress. This condition results from the fact that the company’s leadership or business place unrealistic demands on them. If not carefully watched, job stress results in conditions such as hypertension, substance abuse, and depression, which negatively impact business operations.


High Employee Turnover Rates


Employee transition from one job to the other is a regular occurrence, especially as they seek growth. High employee turnover is, most often than not, the result of poor leadership in the organization. Losing talented employees who are skilled and experienced in their jobs has a significant impact on business productivity.


The company has to incur additional costs in the recruitment process for replacements derailing its operations. It also takes time before the newly recruited employees match the skill set, efficiency, and productivity of former employees.


Low Employee Morale and Worker Productivity


Low employee morale, which directly impacts their productivity levels in the business, results from poor business leadership. Managers who lack the essential leadership qualities believe in micromanaging the employees and not giving them any room for engagement. Employees feel sidelined as the leaders of the organization offer no guidance to help them in job execution.


Damaged Organizational Reputation


A damaged organization or business reputation is one of the hardest things to come back from in any industry. Several platforms and sites allow current and former employees to offer reviews on their companies and organizations. Most of the new talent and employees the business seeks to hire usually visit these sites before taking on job offers as it gives them an outlook of the company. Poor leadership will cost you valuable talent, partners, and clients and limit your organization’s ability to grow and attain success.