It is one thing to successfully run a business, but it is totally different to run a successful business consciously. The leaders that appear on the list below have succeeded at running businesses consciously and have been selected by a panel of nine reputable judges as some of the top conscious business leaders in the world.

  1. Chip Conley, 57

Conley is recognized on this list for earning the lifetime achievement award. Chip Conley is the Strategic Advisor for Hospitality & Leadership at Airbnb in San Francisco, CA. He is a well-recognized author, entrepreneur, and leader. The judges note that Conley has an understanding of how to spiritually run a business that experiences success.

  1. Tara-Nicholle Nelson, 42

Nelson is the Founder & CEO of SoulTour in Oakland, CA. She became pregnant at the mere age of sixteen, but did not let that stop her from pursuing a college education. Nelson went on to pursue a Master’s degree, write a book, and become a realtor and tv personality.  Now she has founded SoulTour, which is a personal-growth school and spiritual community that helps leaders discover themselves.

  1. Dan Price, 34

Dan Price is the Founder & CEO of Gravity Payments in Seattle, WA. Price gained global attention when he announced he was cutting his own salary ($1 million) to $70,000 in order to create a $70,000 minimum salary for each of the employees at Gravity Payments at the time.. Price is also revolutionizing workplace norms. There are no private offices at Gravity Payments and any employee is allowed to pop into any meeting at any time.

  1. Susan Griffin-Black, 62

Susan Griffin-Black is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of EO Products in San Rafael, CA. Her cosmetic business started in her garage in 1995 and has since expanded to more than 150 employees. Griffin-Black is widely celebrated for the way she treats her employees. All employees receive the same benefits, regardless of their rank within the company. EO Products also offers subsidized education funds for employees who wish to further their education, yoga classes at work, and healthy snacks in the office.

  1. Celeste Mergens, 56

Mergens is the Founder & CEO of Days for Girls International in Bellingham, WA. She is working to improve access to menstrual health care for girls around the world that would otherwise not receive care. Celeste Mergens strives to break the stigma frequently associated with the menstrual cycle. Her humility has helped her establish 70 micro-businesses in 15 different countries with more than 800 volunteer chapters, teams, and clubs.