In the year 2020, many things changed for businesses across a great many landscapes. Some companies had to shift their business model, while others had to adapt to new rules being implemented, and other companies didn’t make it and closed their doors. Although the world continues to adapt and shift in ways nobody had expected, the future is unknown going into this coming year. However, there are certain things we can look to expect in the coming calendar year with business trends. This article will attempt to lay out some of the most expected business trends in 2021.


Remote Work Will Continue and Might Grow


In April 2021, most businesses experienced the shock of being told that employees would no longer work from the physical office. Instead, guidelines forced employees to begin working from home. This came with many obstacles for a companies workflow. New equipment, software programs, meeting applications, and other necessities needed to be purchased and implemented to allow for a business to stay open. With so much success with remote workers, it does not look like remote workers will be going away anytime soon.


Adaptability and E-Commerce


Amazon has been experiencing massive growth since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world. People opted out of physically going to a store to shop and decided to use the E-Commerce method of shopping instead. Many businesses have taken heed to this and have created their own online shopping cart experiences. Companies have found that selling online is a must in today’s business world when so many shoppers do not want to take the risk of going to a physical location to do their shopping. Along with shopping online, the average E-Commerce shopper wants things delivered to them without contacting the delivery driver. This new health attitude has helped launch contactless delivery from many companies, and it looks like a trend growing in this coming year.


Local Business Support


Although Amazon has had immense growth, people are moving to support local businesses owned by families rather than corporations. Communities have rallied over and over again to save beloved local small businesses. This is also part of the Buy American movement, an effort to buy American first, rather than looking to other nations.

Overall, businesses can expect to stay flexible and agile while implementing and keeping an eye on many emerging business trends into the following year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty it brings along with it.