There are many perks to assuming a managerial position such as promotions, bigger discounts, more vacation time, etc. However, taking a leadership role also places a new set of responsibilities on a person. Some duties that managers or people in leadership positions have includes overseeing employees/team members, planning, organizing, and directing. If a person wants to be promoted or hired for a leadership role, then they should display the following leadership attributes:

Develop People Skills

To be in a leadership role, one must have people skills. What are people skills? Well, people skills are patterns of behavior and behavioral interactions with other people. People skills involve dependability, flexibility, adaptability, analytical skills, respect, motivation, etc. A big part of being a leader also pertains to one’s intercession skills. For example, empathy, objectivity, integrity, reliability, and dedication are all characteristics of a leader with intercession skills.

Be Assertive, Be Receptive

To be a successful leader, individuals should maintain a balance of assertion and receptivity when it comes to communication. People need to be able to take a leader seriously. This doesn’t mean that the leader has the right to be rude or patronizing. It merely means that leaders assert themselves and set clear intentions for those they happen to oversee. While on the other hand, leaders also need to keep in mind that they don’t know everything. So, it’s also advised to display humility and consider other people’s suggestions.

Display Certainty

A way to be promoted to a leadership role is to display certainty. The management wants to know that they’re hiring someone suitable for the job. Thus, it’s vital not to show timidness when tackling projects and voicing one’s opinion. Being decisive also helps show everyone else that one is very concentrated on executing a specific end goal and has a plan of action. Employers will be much more confident leaving such duties in the hands of someone who emulates those traits.

Educate Yourself

To land a leadership role, one should be ready to explain why they are qualified and prepared for the position. A person can show confidence in their abilities by highlighting their expertise during interviews, reading books on management, taking management classes, etc. A person seeking this position should also find out exactly what is needed from them as a leader in their field/business. For instance, different occupations may require a different approach when it comes to leadership.