Employees within the workplace may, at certain times, show attributes that make them look like potential prominent leaders. As a boss in the organization, it is highly important to ensure that employees’ leadership qualities and potential are rightly harnessed and nurtured. Nurturing such employees creates an opportunity for them to progressively build upon their leadership potential. The first step in helping harness the leadership potential in your employees is to recognize them and their efforts. Here are 3 crucial but rare leadership traits to look out for among your employees.

The ability to be patient
Patience is a great attribute that portrays a worker as an individual with great leadership potential. Workers who exercise patience in dealing with their workplace obligations as well as handling other fellow workers have the ability to handle any situation successfully. Patience is particularly important as organizations today are packed with people of different personalities, attributes, and qualities. The exercise of patience is crucial and creates an opportunity for rational resolution of issues after allocating sufficient time for consideration and deliberation.

The ability to contribute to problem-solving
Real leaders are problem solvers. Workers who portray the ability to solve various problems existing in the workplace have great potential in becoming prominent leaders in the future. Such workers exhibit their problem resolution skills by removing obstacles that commonly exist in the workplace. Such workers should be recognized and appreciated verbally in order to encourage their problem-solving qualities. Appreciating them encourages them to progressively advance their skills. The problem-solving attribute of leadership comes in handy in helping create a conducive working environment not only for the individual workers but also for other workers.

Admitting weaknesses
Even as your workers portray attributes of good leadership, it is virtually impossible to get an all-rounded leader. Employees who portray elements of leadership may possess certain areas of weaknesses for which they are not ashamed of confessing and admitting. Such weaknesses possessed by your workers should instead make them humble and willing to work with other workers who express strength in the said areas. In the same regard, the workers with such weaknesses should use their weaknesses as an opportunity to ensure progressive self-improvement which is crucial for personal leadership development.