Regardless of whether you aspire to become the CEO of a large corporation or organize a small group of people to achieve a common goal, you need a unique set of skills to get people to work together. Leadership requires you to possess a conglomerate of skills to effectively strategize and manage your team to perform the necessary tasks. Education institutions teach aspiring managers about the principles of leadership. Still, it is up to you to acquire additional skills that will make you stand out and become a great leader. Here are five books that can inspire aspiring leaders in their professional journey.

David Peter Stroh’s Achieving Lasting Results

Strohs teaches aspiring leaders on how to solve complex problems within the family structure, institutions, government, society, businesses, and economies. It explains how they are connected and how each aspect affects the other and how different cultures influence each stakeholder’s behavior. Achieving Lasting Results is a book that opens up the mind of an aspiring leader to the surroundings of any circumstance that he or she might face in his or her career.

Think Smarter by Michael Kallet

Think Smarter is an excellent book that teaches individuals about the two sides of every coin. It explains how to take problems and turn them into advantages. The beautiful thing about this book is that it does not focus on business alone. It enlightens on how to solve even the day to day personal problems that we face.

Daring Greatly by Bene Brown

Daring Greatly is a motivational book that challenges aspiring leaders to improve themselves and achieve more than society expects them to. It is a book that advocates or seeking happiness through the satisfaction of self-development.

The Leadership Challenge by Barry Posner and James Kouzes

The Leadership Challenge is a 30-year-old book that keeps getting updated to include examples relevant to the modern workforce. It teaches fundamental business principles and leadership skills necessary for effective company management.

The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni’s Ideal Team Player is an excellent read for aspiring leaders because it provides insights on how to lead a team by being part of a team. It has three exciting methods of establishing power and control over professional subjects.