There’s no doubt about it; times are difficult in the business world. Many of these current issues have led companies to ask their employees to work remotely. This can be especially difficult for offices that rely heavily on daily interaction to complete their tasks. While emails and video chats can quickly overcome most of those issues, but what can’t be easily maintained is the company culture. Therefore, the following list includes a few tips on supporting your company culture while working remotely.

Audit Your Routines

When it comes to working remotely, some people will thrive working alone, while others may feel like they aren’t being listened to or even matter. This is especially prevalent within new staff members who may not feel as confident speaking out just yet. Therefore it is highly recommended to implement weekly or bi-weekly audits of your routines. Put out surveys or have a virtual open-door policy that allows your staff to provide constructive feedback or simply share their suggestions on what can be done better. Your company culture will remain positive as everyone is fully aware that they have a voice, and it matters.

Virtual Breaks

No longer will you be able to find your staff in the break room. This means more and more people will choose to take breaks on their own, which can eventually cause a disconnection between themselves and the rest of the staff. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to host a few virtual breaks. However, there is one rule that you must follow, and that is no work talk allowed. Take the time to have your staff talk about their hobbies or the latest blockbuster. You may serve as the moderator to ensure that conversations are kept appropriate.

Daily Pep-Talks

Working from home can be a lonely and dull time, potentially leading to people’s motivation lowering, resulting in decreased productivity. Make sure that this doesn’t happen during this time by having daily pep-talks with your staff. Take this time to remind them that you are all in this together and that their work is valued. This is a small action but one that can provide incredible results if done correctly.