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How Younger Generations Are Changing Entrepreneurship

How Younger Generations Are Changing Entrepreneurship

New generations have had a significant impact on the business world. With more young people interested in starting businesses, entrepreneurship is a hot topic for Generation Z. Young people are also transforming the business world, slowly but surely. They are creating more opportunities in addition to taking advantage of more opportunities. They are solving problems of the past and saying no to issues of the future.


They Are Creating More Opportunities for More People

Younger generations are ready to eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia from the business world. It was challenging to start a business as a woman or as a person of color in the past. Now, there are fewer glass ceilings in the world of entrepreneurship. People of all backgrounds are starting businesses. Small businesses run by young people are less likely to discriminate when they hire. In fact, many young entrepreneurs hire with an affirmative action mindset.


They Are Using Technology and Social Media

Young people also have more opportunities in entrepreneurship because they have more access to more technology. Social media is a fantastic tool for young entrepreneurs. Without spending any money, young business owners can start potentially viral marketing campaigns using social media platforms. Social media platforms allow young entrepreneurs to generate hype and reach people all over the world.


They Are Taking Advantage of Mentoring Opportunities

Community mentors have taken a real focus on the idea of youth entrepreneurship. They offer resources, knowledge, and unique opportunities for young people interested in business. Young entrepreneurs, in turn, have taken notice. They are not letting these opportunities go to waste. They recognize that previous generations did not have as many mentors early on in their lives.


They Are Standing Up to Their Employers

One reason that young people choose to start small businesses or work for small businesses is that large companies mistreat them. Many large corporations overwork and underpay young people, while their CEOs make millions, if not billions. Young people are ready for their piece of that pie. Instead of helping other people make money, they are prepared to make some of their own. They won’t accept working for pennies on the dollar.

Best Entrepreneur Books To Read Before The End of The Year

Best Entrepreneur Books To Read Before The End of The Year

As the end of the year approaches, many people are thinking about what to read next. We recommend these five books for entrepreneurs and business owners that will help you in your business this coming year. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or strategy, these entrepreneurial reads can be a great tool.

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is one of the most well-known books among entrepreneurs. This book examines how business owners can improve and innovate their startups through a series of experiments that help them create better products, services, and processes.

Zero To One – Peter Thiel & Blake Masters

Zero To One by Peter Thiel is a great read for entrepreneurs who want to learn about the future and how they can position their business in it. The book talks about what you should do when starting your own company, instead of just following conventions or emulating other companies’ strategies.

The Startup Owners Manual – Steve Blank & Bob Dorf

The Startup Owners Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf is a great read for entrepreneurs who want to better understand how startups work. This book contains the most practical tools, templates, checklists, and worksheets that you can use when creating your own business from scratch.

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

A great read for entrepreneurs who want to better understand the most important factor in their business – WHY. This book helps you focus on what your company stands for and why it exists, instead of just focusing on selling products or services.

Think Twice: Harnessing The Power of Counterintuition – Micheal J. Mauboussin

One of the best books for entrepreneurs who want to read more practical and analytical business advice is Think Twice by Michael J. Mauboussin. In this book, you’ll learn how to think about your ideas in a new way that will help you better analyze them before making decisions or recommendations based on them.

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is an excellent read for entrepreneurs who want to learn more about how success works. This book talks about the important factors that contribute to people’s successes and why some of them are much more successful than others.

2021 Business Trends

2021 Business Trends

In the year 2020, many things changed for businesses across a great many landscapes. Some companies had to shift their business model, while others had to adapt to new rules being implemented, and other companies didn’t make it and closed their doors. Although the world continues to adapt and shift in ways nobody had expected, the future is unknown going into this coming year. However, there are certain things we can look to expect in the coming calendar year with business trends. This article will attempt to lay out some of the most expected business trends in 2021.


Remote Work Will Continue and Might Grow


In April 2021, most businesses experienced the shock of being told that employees would no longer work from the physical office. Instead, guidelines forced employees to begin working from home. This came with many obstacles for a companies workflow. New equipment, software programs, meeting applications, and other necessities needed to be purchased and implemented to allow for a business to stay open. With so much success with remote workers, it does not look like remote workers will be going away anytime soon.


Adaptability and E-Commerce


Amazon has been experiencing massive growth since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world. People opted out of physically going to a store to shop and decided to use the E-Commerce method of shopping instead. Many businesses have taken heed to this and have created their own online shopping cart experiences. Companies have found that selling online is a must in today’s business world when so many shoppers do not want to take the risk of going to a physical location to do their shopping. Along with shopping online, the average E-Commerce shopper wants things delivered to them without contacting the delivery driver. This new health attitude has helped launch contactless delivery from many companies, and it looks like a trend growing in this coming year.


Local Business Support


Although Amazon has had immense growth, people are moving to support local businesses owned by families rather than corporations. Communities have rallied over and over again to save beloved local small businesses. This is also part of the Buy American movement, an effort to buy American first, rather than looking to other nations.

Overall, businesses can expect to stay flexible and agile while implementing and keeping an eye on many emerging business trends into the following year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty it brings along with it.

About Jason William Kumpf

Jason William Kumpf has worked in international business for over a decade. With involvement in global real estate sectors, the expat sector, ecommerce, and finance, it is safe to say that Jason William Kumpf is a well-rounded businessman. By having a hand in multiple sectors of various international and national markets, Jason has built an incredible network of global professionals that include recognizable Fortune 500 companies as well as young, burgeoning startups.

Jason William Kumpf is Co-Chairman for an international California Trade and Business Networked called Cal Trade. To expand his reach, he also serves on the Young Members Board for FIABCI International Real Estate Foundation, a French entity with active chapters in 48 different countries. In addition to these positions, Kumpf is the Director of Alliance Partnerships at USForex Inc which works toward creating better exchange rates for several international ecommerce markets. Similarly, Jason William Kumpf is the Director of Partnerships at OFX, also in the international currency exchange rate industry, working towards the acquiring the best exchange rates available for his international clients.

In addition to Jason’s work internationally in the foreign exchange markets, he has also taken a great interest in tech startups. He has a passion for taking an outside look at complex issues and creating tangible solutions to better the overall structure of a new company. Because of his extensive training in a wide range of industries, and because of his energetic and positive spirit, Jason William Kumpf is able to not only craft great business strategy but motivate his teams as well.

Having spent nearly 20 years studying abroad and working internationally, Jason William Kumpf has seen many sides of business, negotiating, and leadership. For this reason, he feels it is incredibly important that he pass on the information he’s gained over the years to those looking to grow within the international exchange rate markets. Having a strong leadership style is valuable, but having the ability to adapt that leadership style to meet the needs of any market you’re working in is a priceless skill that will take anyone with the right drive far in life. Jason William Kumpf hopes to inspire some of this leadership in a new generation of young and talented industry members.

As Jason William Kumpf enters the next stage of his career, he looks towards opening new doors for leadership training and business strategy opportunities. If you’re a young tech startup or just looking for some leadership style advice, Jason William Kumpf’s new blog will act as a great resource. Without sharing what works, progress cannot be made, and Jason William Kumpf is dedicated to not only continuing a successful career for himself, but to see this reality happen for others.


For updates on Jason William Kumpf, be sure to check back often as new blog content will be added regularly.