Business leaders are facing down a rapidly-changing job market. The gig economy is expanding, and automation is replacing tons of human jobs every year! It’s no wonder that people are asking more of their employers. In many cases, they could work independently and make more money than they ever could working at a traditional job. But there’s one thing that side hustles, work-from-home gigs, and automation don’t have: good leadership qualities

A good leader can magnetize loyal, efficient employees that will go that extra mile for the business. Knowing how to lead effectively is more important than ever. Here’s a few qualities that make great leaders.


If you aren’t excited about what you do, stop doing it. Great leaders are enthusiastic, interested, and engaged in their fields. They’re excited to come to work every day. That kind of energy can be contagious!


Keep to your word. If you say you’ll do something, do it. That counts for praise and punishment, by the way. Employees are more willing to trust leaders with strong integrity.


Great leaders provide a sense of purpose, place, and direction. If you can’t communicate effectively, you can’t get your employees on board with your vision. That will create confusion and confusion is bad for business.


If you want loyal employees, you need to be loyal to them. Demonstrate your loyalty to your team by giving them challenges, by providing the necessary training and resources. Stand up for employees in crisis. They’ll return the favor.


Make decisions and stand behind them. Do so with the best knowledge you have at your disposal and always take wise counsel, but know when it’s time to pull the trigger.


Know what you do inside and out. If possible, know what your team does in as much detail. Your employees will respect a leader that clearly knows what they’re doing and why.

Inspiration and Empowerment

Train and develop your employees to be leaders too. You’ll see definite results if your team members can work autonomously and they’ll respect you for the opportunity to do so.


Charm and “likeability” will take you a long way in business. Authenticity in charm matters, though. To avoid any awkwardness, be yourself in all situations and show others that they can be themselves, too. 

Practice these eight key characteristics and you will see a noticeable difference in the efficiency and production of your business. Great leaders are the catalyst for success. They inspire an employee culture of loyalty, autonomy, and pride. Be a great leader and you’ll run a great business.