The current political climate has many people wondering what qualifications and personality traits we should require from our world leaders. After numerous studies and observations, experts have formulated a list of the best qualities that a world leader can possess. After reviewing the final list, I realized that nearly all of these qualities benefit not only world leaders, but business leaders as well.

Superb communication skills

As corporate diplomats, leaders need to have the ability to talk to other leaders in a way that conveys the correct message while maintaining a professional demeanor. Conflict is often the direct result of inappropriate communication between two or more individuals. In order to avoid escalation, excellent leaders should possess the ability to speak eloquently and in a way that captures an audience. They should also consider the viewpoint of the other party and structure conversations an communication styles accordingly.


A leader should have a quality education. While politics require world leaders to have a background in political science, economics, or law, business requires leaders to accumulate knowledge relevant to their field.  In most cases, a good education begins with degree completion at a reputable institution and is supplemented with vast amounts of experience.

Furthermore, both world leaders and business leaders would do well to be versed in the practices and customs of diverse cultures. When we take the time to understand another culture, we are effectively developing our communication skills while building respect among colleagues, staff, and acquaintances. Respect often leads to more amicable relationships and more beneficial negotiations between parties.

Accept failure

Almost every individual in the world will experience some form of failure in their lifetime and leaders are not exempt. Skilled leaders should be able to accept failure as a lesson and utilize the experience to set a new, more-informed path. Perceiving complications as bumps instead of roadblocks helps keep leaders motivated while building perseverance and determination.


The world (corporate and political) is full of unexpected change. It is important for skilled leaders to anticipate and plan for such change. The best way to go about developing this particular skill is to practice being adaptable. Stop thinking of strategies as absolute, and start thinking of them as one pathway to a final destination.

Being a good leader is difficult regardless of your field. Working with a list of desirable skills and assets in mind is a great way to ensure that you remain in alignment with some of the best practices utilized by successful world leaders.